Leanna A

The coaching sessions were phenomenal. You took something that is complex and messy – how to change my state of being and the results I get – and made it simple and easy for me to practice. You broke it down so I can work on it in the moment. That’s the first time that’s happened for me. It’s been so academic in the past. Now I have integration for this management work. You keep questioning until we got to the nugget. Your reframes also helped me get there. I’m so grateful.


I rate Pam’s coaching a 10 of 10 because I’ve experienced a significant shift in how I respond to difficult situations at work and at home. I learned techniques to accept situations [instead of fighting what is] and the benefit of taking time to reflect.


Pam’s wise and compassionate coaching has been nothing less than a transformative experience. My perspective has changed and I have discovered real joy, deftness and confidence in myself as a person and a leader. I have learned to live and lead in ways that reflect my true desires and values.

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